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New Stuffies!

Sooo I have started remaking some items I had at FD Decor, per many customer requests. This release, I have my ever popular lava lamps, and my beach cottages!

First, the lava lamps. They are only available at the Pure Contagion sales room until July 5th. When this round is over, I’ll move them to the mainstore. They are on sale for $45L for the duration of the round. There are 10 colors available. They have an on/off lighting menu, that also turns the lava on & off, respectively.

Cobblestone - Lava Lamp (Lava) Ad

LL colors

Next are the beach cottages! I have remade some parts, meshed them, and updated some textures. I also widened the front deck so you can easily fit some nice, cozy lounge chairs out there now. ^.^ You can find them at the mainstore, out in the back yard.
There are 6 colors available ($200L each), as well as a fatpack ($900L). They are 22 prims each, and are 9.5m x 17.5m.

Cobblestone - Beachy Cottage (Pink) Ad

Cobblestone - Beachy Cottage Pic 1

That’s all for now! Hope you likey! ^.^


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RFL Home & Garden Expo has begun!

9 sims worth of goodies for you see, and each store has at least 2 items with all proceeds going to this great cause! And here are mine….

Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures Ad RFL

Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (White) RFL

Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (Walnut) RFL Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (Pine) RFL

And there is also a hunt running, spanning the sims. Each hunt item is $10L, but all proceeds go to the RFL charity!

Cobblestone - RFL Hunt Gift


And while you’re there, check out my new branch called Cobblestone Kids! I have some new playhouses available only at the expo (for now), that just so happen to work great for adults that are kids at heart. ^.^

Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Pinks) Ad

Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Yellows) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Blues) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Greens) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Oranges) Pic

They are priced at $150L, each!

So, stop by and check out all the goodies at the Home Expo! If you see me there, be sure to say hi! ^.^

Taxi to the Home Expo!

Have a great weekend!



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Introducing Cobblestone Kids!

YAY! I’ve opened a new branch of Cobblestone, just for kids! It’s called Cobblestone Kids. (I know, clever eh?) I have a bedroom set, and some stuff for your playground available now, and I’ll be adding more stuff as time permits. It’s located in the front yard of the Cobblestone mainstore. If you’d like to be updated when I release new items for the kids branch, be sure to slap the group subscriber at the kids store, as I won’t be posting kids items in my mainstore groups. (keeps the notices more streamlined, etc). Taxi is below, and hope you likey! ^.^

Cobblestone Kids Ad

Taxi to Cobblestone Kids!



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First Set from Cobblestone!

I present the Eden Living Room set!

Cobblestone - Eden Living Room Ad

•••••  Information & Features •••••

• Sofa =
Texture change (4 colors)
Texture change pillows (3 colors)
Texture change blanket (3 colors)
Multiple single poses, with rezzable & distributed props. (seats 3)
Multiple couples poses with cuddles & kissing animations.
Texture menu has access option for owner only, or anyone.

• Chair =
Texture change (4 colors)
Texture change pillows (3 colors)
Multiple single poses, with rezzable & distributed props.
Texture menu has access option for owner only, or anyone.

• Fireplace =
Multiple single poses (seats 2)
Light, spark, & smoke effects, & crackling fire sounds.
Toggled by touch.

• Curtains = (mesh)
Texture change panels (3 colors)
Texture menu has access option for owner only, or anyone.

• Table Lamp = (mesh)
On, off, auto menu by touch. Auto turns the lamp on at night & off at dawn according to the region’s default time.

• Coffee table (with magazines & newspaper), end table, mirror, daisies, bookcase, & coasters are mesh.

Note: You will need a mesh enabled viewer to see all mesh items properly.

•••••  Permissions & Prim (Land Impact) Counts •••••

• Perms= Mod / Copy / No Transfer (Scripts, poses, & props are no mod.)

• Total pieces in set= 20

• Prim Counts = Sofa (17), Chair (7), Coffee Table with magazines & newspaper (4), Daisy Vase (10), Ceramic Bowls (3), Wooden Ball Dish (3), Coaster Stack (1), End Table (1), Table Lamp (4), Glass Ball (2), Single Coaster (1), Rug (1), Fireplace (14), Mirror (1), Clay Vases (3), Potted Plant (4), Potted Tree (6), Bookcase (6), Hanging Wings (3), Curtain (5)

Total prims / land impact = 96

Note: The displayed set has the chair rezzed twice, & the curtain rezzed 4 times. Total prims to achieve the displayed look is 118.

Price = $1450L for the set. (Save 25%!), and VIP group members get store credit rewards for each purchase! (don’t forget to wear your group tag!!)

Hope you like it! ^.^



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Cobblestone is officially OPEN!

Hi everyone! I’m 2 days late, but I have officially opened my store! Remind me to NEVER do any major store overhauls at Christmas time. It has put me SERIOUSLY behind! But rest assured, I’m all over it – working as fast as I can to get new stuff made. ^.^

I now have 2 group options for you to join. A “Subscriber” group, and a “VIP” group. More info is available on the Group Info link at the top of the page. Be sure to slap one of the kiosks when you visit the store to be notified when I release new items. =)

Also, I’ve totally redone, well, everything. New posing systems that have rezzable & distributable props, new poses, new scripts, new …just about everything. I’m also putting a lot more detail into my items, so I hope you guys like my new style.

Also note that my new permissions are mod / copy. YAY! If you want to send a gift to someone, there is a gifting system in place for each item (left click the item, & follow the menu), or you can purchase a gift card, which are located at the mainstore entrance.

Below is a taxi to the new location. I hope you like it, and please excuse the total lack of items right now. lol ❤

Have a great day!



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