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New VIP group gift!

I made fireworks, in celebration of the 4th of July! 2 versions are included (with sound & without). They are at the mainstore in the VIP gift box, or you can check group notices.

Cobblestone - Independance Fireworks Ad

There is also a calendar for July in there too. I don’t have a pic, but I have one rezzed on the  VIP gift box at the mainstore so you can see! I think I’m gonna start making a calendar each month, so keep a look out for those. ^.^

Hope you like, and have a happy 4th of July!


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RFL Home & Garden Expo has begun!

9 sims worth of goodies for you see, and each store has at least 2 items with all proceeds going to this great cause! And here are mine….

Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures Ad RFL

Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (White) RFL

Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (Walnut) RFL Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (Pine) RFL

And there is also a hunt running, spanning the sims. Each hunt item is $10L, but all proceeds go to the RFL charity!

Cobblestone - RFL Hunt Gift


And while you’re there, check out my new branch called Cobblestone Kids! I have some new playhouses available only at the expo (for now), that just so happen to work great for adults that are kids at heart. ^.^

Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Pinks) Ad

Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Yellows) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Blues) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Greens) Pic Cobblestone Kids - Playhouse (Oranges) Pic

They are priced at $150L, each!

So, stop by and check out all the goodies at the Home Expo! If you see me there, be sure to say hi! ^.^

Taxi to the Home Expo!

Have a great weekend!



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Get Ready For Valentine’s Day – Part II

Continuing from the previous post, there are even more items at Cobblestone Home & Garden for Valentine’s Day!

Box of Roses Collage

The first item you might be interested in, is the Box Of Roses, which is available in the five colors shown above: pink, yellow, purple, red, and white. Each box costs L$ 125, which is a steal! The box is able to open and close when clicked, so close it before giving it as a gift and the recipient will be able to open it for themselves. The box is 59 prims, and the permissions are set to transfer only.

Teddy with Frame Collage

Next up is the adorable Teddy With Frame, which is available in 5 choices: purple, pink, brown, white, or red – each one is priced at only L$ 65! The bows on each bear change color to: white, pink, purple, and red. The frame that is attached is able to be customized by adding your own image inside of it; either a picture of message would be perfect. The item is 100% mesh and comes it at 17 prims, with modify and transfer permissions.

Tray of Champagne Collage

Love is in the air….and get the romance really going with the Tray Of Champagne in either gold or silver. Each one is available for L$ 100 and gives a glass of champagne when clicked. Permissions on this item are set to transfer only, and each comes in at 18 prims. Glass of bubbly, anyone?

Valentine Chocolates Collage

If you’re not a drinker, or just want something sweeter, then you’ll want to check out the Valentine Chocolates, which come in 4 different versions, each one priced at L$ 75 so you can pick the right one to suit you, or that someone special. Each box opens and closes, as well as gives out delicious chocolate! Permissions on these are set to transfer only, however the prim count varies from 6 – 26 prims.

Valentine Roses Collage

To round things out, there is the Valentine Roses, which come in 5 variations: pink, yellow, red, white, and purple. That’s not all, each one comes with a few versions of the roses – you really need to see them for yourselves! Each costs L$ 125 and would make a great gift for anyone special to you, or you can use it as pretty decor year-round. Each comes in at 32 prims, and has modify and transfer permissions.

You should stop in and see all these pieces for yourself:

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