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Event exclusive items!

There’s a new round at The Black Market, at which each creator has an exclusive item priced at $100L! Mine is a cute little bench!

Cobblestone - Willow Bench (White - Aqua) Ad

Be sure to grab it before the round is over! (It ends on 6/14!)

Taxi to The Black Market


And I’m in this round of The Designer Warehouse! I have a cute chair, which is available in multiple colors, and priced at $65L until the round ends (5/30)

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Floral) Ad

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Giraffe) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Girly) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Sky) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Zebra) Pic

Be sure to check out all the other goodies while you’re there! ^.^

Taxi to The Designer Warehouse!

Til next time….



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Designer Warehouse Goodies

Still in the mood for love? Well you can grab 2 brand new and exclusive items from Cobblestone at the Designer Warehouse from today until February 21, 2013!

Cobblestone - Love Softly Treest Ad

The Love Softly Trees are a pair of somewhat feminine trees, wrapped with fairy lights. There are 2 versions of trees included, both with and without little heart-decorated lanterns ( 22 prims and 10 prims, respectively). You also get the soft pink grass, which is only 1 prim. All of these items together will only set you back L$ 100!

Cobblestone - Big Love Frame Art Ad

The second item available is the Big Love Frame Art which is a 100% mesh item. It looks similar to a frame carved out of wood, but there is some faint patterning on it, giving it that “shabby chic” look. It is only 2 prims and you can add your own art or picture to the inside of the frame. This item is priced at L$ 50 so there is no reason not to get it!

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