LAST CALL for the sale!

Hi everyone! Tomorrow will be the LAST day to get Cobblestone items in-world (and on SALE!) so if you haven’t stopped by yet, you better hoof it! ^.^

This will be my last post, so I want to THANK YOU ALL for your support, and I wish you the best! ^.^


PS: If you’re in the market for textures & stuff for builders, be sure to check my profile picks, and visit my new store, Tool Shed!

Have a great weekend!

Fallacy, signing off!

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Cobblestone is closing!

Hi everyone! Well, after 6 years of furniture making, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I am officially retiring from the furniture biz. I want to THANK YOU ALL for your support and patronage over the years. They have been a blast! And don’t worry, I’m still around. ^.^

I’m currently running a 50% off SALE on ALL ITEMS at Cobblestone, and Cobblestone Kids! (in-world only)
This sale will run until August 31st. September 1st, I’ll be removing all things Cobblestone from the grid.
All my items will be on the Marketplace, so if you miss out on them in world, you can still find them there. (they are not included in the sale though.)

For any item issues, present or future, please shoot me an IM.

For my VIP Group members: I have placed a final goodie box out for you guys. (check group notices for more info!!) It has some items that were used in my store that only ya’ll will have. Hope you like them!
Note that I’ve blocked access to join the VIP group, so if you’re not in it already, I’m sorry! I wanted these items to be exclusive to those that allowed me to use up a precious group slot. I hope you understand. =)

Enjoy the sale, and again, THANK YOU for your patronage!


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Event exclusive items!

There’s a new round at The Black Market, at which each creator has an exclusive item priced at $100L! Mine is a cute little bench!

Cobblestone - Willow Bench (White - Aqua) Ad

Be sure to grab it before the round is over! (It ends on 6/14!)

Taxi to The Black Market


And I’m in this round of The Designer Warehouse! I have a cute chair, which is available in multiple colors, and priced at $65L until the round ends (5/30)

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Floral) Ad

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Giraffe) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Girly) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Sky) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Zebra) Pic

Be sure to check out all the other goodies while you’re there! ^.^

Taxi to The Designer Warehouse!

Til next time….



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The Designer Warehouse

Exclusive items for you at The Designer Warehouse! First off is a cute kitty tv, which is a photo viewer. You can add your own photos (as many as you like!), and wheeeeee you’re on kitty tv! ^.^ It is available in aqua, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white, or yellow. And they’re on sale for only $50L!

Cobblestone - Kitty Photo TV (Aqua) Ad

And I made some cute stacked flower pots with various colored spring flowers, rightfully named “Tower of Flowers”. *giggle* They come in mixed, tea rose (pink), ivory, and fantasy (which is a glowing ivory mixed with pink). They are on sale for $35L!

Cobblestone - Tower of Flowers (Mixed) Ad

There’s lots more exclusive stuff for you to check out, so be sure to stop by! Taxi is below. ^.^



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