LAST CALL for the sale!

Hi everyone! Tomorrow will be the LAST day to get Cobblestone items in-world (and on SALE!) so if you haven’t stopped by yet, you better hoof it! ^.^

This will be my last post, so I want to THANK YOU ALL for your support, and I wish you the best! ^.^


PS: If you’re in the market for textures & stuff for builders, be sure to check my profile picks, and visit my new store, Tool Shed!

Have a great weekend!

Fallacy, signing off!

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Cobblestone is closing!

Hi everyone! Well, after 6 years of furniture making, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I am officially retiring from the furniture biz. I want to THANK YOU ALL for your support and patronage over the years. They have been a blast! And don’t worry, I’m still around. ^.^

I’m currently running a 50% off SALE on ALL ITEMS at Cobblestone, and Cobblestone Kids! (in-world only)
This sale will run until August 31st. September 1st, I’ll be removing all things Cobblestone from the grid.
All my items will be on the Marketplace, so if you miss out on them in world, you can still find them there. (they are not included in the sale though.)

For any item issues, present or future, please shoot me an IM.

For my VIP Group members: I have placed a final goodie box out for you guys. (check group notices for more info!!) It has some items that were used in my store that only ya’ll will have. Hope you like them!
Note that I’ve blocked access to join the VIP group, so if you’re not in it already, I’m sorry! I wanted these items to be exclusive to those that allowed me to use up a precious group slot. I hope you understand. =)

Enjoy the sale, and again, THANK YOU for your patronage!


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Love Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event starts today! A very worthy cause for a great member of our community. I’m not the best writer, so please visit this link for the full info.

Each designer has at least one item available, that will have 100% of the proceeds going towards the charity.
Here’s mine!

Cobblestone - Donna Mini Set Ad

Taxi to the event

SLURL to my cart:

Copy/paste the link into your SL chat window, and it should give you a red arrow pointing to my cart.

Hope to see you there! ^.^


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New Stuffies!

Sooo I have started remaking some items I had at FD Decor, per many customer requests. This release, I have my ever popular lava lamps, and my beach cottages!

First, the lava lamps. They are only available at the Pure Contagion sales room until July 5th. When this round is over, I’ll move them to the mainstore. They are on sale for $45L for the duration of the round. There are 10 colors available. They have an on/off lighting menu, that also turns the lava on & off, respectively.

Cobblestone - Lava Lamp (Lava) Ad

LL colors

Next are the beach cottages! I have remade some parts, meshed them, and updated some textures. I also widened the front deck so you can easily fit some nice, cozy lounge chairs out there now. ^.^ You can find them at the mainstore, out in the back yard.
There are 6 colors available ($200L each), as well as a fatpack ($900L). They are 22 prims each, and are 9.5m x 17.5m.

Cobblestone - Beachy Cottage (Pink) Ad

Cobblestone - Beachy Cottage Pic 1

That’s all for now! Hope you likey! ^.^


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Expo Stuff at Mainstore!

Just a quick note to let you know that all the stuff from the RFL Home & Garden Expo is now available at the mainstore. YAY! The expo was a GREAT success, so THANKS to everyone who came out to support such a worthy cause. ^.^


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Event exclusive items!

There’s a new round at The Black Market, at which each creator has an exclusive item priced at $100L! Mine is a cute little bench!

Cobblestone - Willow Bench (White - Aqua) Ad

Be sure to grab it before the round is over! (It ends on 6/14!)

Taxi to The Black Market


And I’m in this round of The Designer Warehouse! I have a cute chair, which is available in multiple colors, and priced at $65L until the round ends (5/30)

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Floral) Ad

Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Giraffe) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Girly) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Sky) Pic Cobblestone - Cordelia Chair (Zebra) Pic

Be sure to check out all the other goodies while you’re there! ^.^

Taxi to The Designer Warehouse!

Til next time….



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Introducing Cobblestone Kids!

YAY! I’ve opened a new branch of Cobblestone, just for kids! It’s called Cobblestone Kids. (I know, clever eh?) I have a bedroom set, and some stuff for your playground available now, and I’ll be adding more stuff as time permits. It’s located in the front yard of the Cobblestone mainstore. If you’d like to be updated when I release new items for the kids branch, be sure to slap the group subscriber at the kids store, as I won’t be posting kids items in my mainstore groups. (keeps the notices more streamlined, etc). Taxi is below, and hope you likey! ^.^

Cobblestone Kids Ad

Taxi to Cobblestone Kids!



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Black Market Exclusive!

I have a new item out for this round of The Black Market. It’s a totally cute little bench, which seats 2 people. It’s 100% mesh, and only 3 prims! It’s priced at $100L until this round is over (6/13), so be sure to grab it at the reduced price! I also have 2 items on sale for $40L, so might as well grab those while you’re there. ;p

Cobblestone - Willow Bench (White - Aqua) Ad

Taxi to The Black Market

Hope you likey! ^.^


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Hunt items for you to find!

The Cookie Jar is hosting a sim wide hunt called The Spring Festival Hunt. You’re looking for a flower with a bow on it. All the stores on the sim are participating and there’s lots of goodies to grab!

Cobblestone - Cabana Planters Ad

Taxi to The Cookie Jar

And Royal Living Magazine is hosting a hunt called “The Birds & Bees Hunt”. HEY! Mind out of the gutter. sheesh. It’s about SPRING! All hunt items are $45L, but WELL worth it! You can find the participating stores & landmarks on their website.

Cobblestone - Kangjon Gazebo Ad 2

Have fun hunting!



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New prefab for you!

After many requests, I finally got my previous store building set up for sale! You can find it at the main store, or on the Marketplace. It includes the house, and then a snow add-on pack, which will put snow on your roof, steps, back deck & balcony. The snow is in a separate rezzer, so you can have snow without having to rez a whole new house. Full instructions are included – just make sure you read them before you rez anything! (you do that already though, right? ;p) Check out the Marketplace listing for more pics, and info. I didn’t wanna flood the blog post with miles of stuff. I tend to get wordy, yano. ^.^

Marketplace Listing =

Cobblestone - Grand Cottage Ad

And I’ve set the “Hollywood Glam” living room set, which was featured at “the event”, for sale at the store. I also added the swag bag gift to the set, since it matched. ^.^

Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam LR Full Ad

Hope you likey!


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