Cobblestone was previously FD Decor. FD Decor was founded in 2007 by me, Fallacy DeCuir, in the virtual world of Second Life™. It offered high quality, low prim furniture for decorationg your SL™ home & office. After moving from a small mainland parcel on Wolpertinger, it moved to its own sim in 2010. But after 5 years of business, I decided I needed a fresh start. So, January 1st, 2013, I rebranded to Cobblestone Home & Garden. Cobblestone still offered the same high quality, low prim furniture, but whereas FD Decor offered a wide variety of item styles, Cobblestone focused mainly on shabby chic/vintage/traditional type stuff.

In August, 2013, I decided to take a break from furniture making, and therefore decided to close Cobblestone. You can find all Cobblestone, & Cobblestone Kids items on my Marketplace store.


If you’ve never heard of Second Life™, please visit http://www.secondlife.com, and check it out. Second Life™ is a 3D virtual world that allows you to connect with people from all over the world. You can visit many places “in world” that are based off of real life experiences (Paris, The RMS Titanic, even outer space!). You can go to concerts, create items of every nature, go to church, school, and lots more. It’s a great place to explore, and it’s free to join! Hope to see you in world soon, and be sure to visit Cobblestone, and look up Fallacy DeCuir! ^.^


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