the event is coming!

So, I’m in a really big event called …well ….the event! It’s all hollywood glam based, and there are LOTS of exclusive goodies to grab! Also, every designer has a Swag Bag out, that’s filled with free stuffs! My exclusive item is a living room set, with a modern/glam feel. It includes a zebra couch with texture change decor pillows, lots of built in animations that rez & distribute props, as well as couples cuddles & smooches. It also has other accessories, like a chandelier & table lamp that feature an on, off, or automatic lighting menu, and a decorative guitar! It is on sale for $375L for the whole set! What a bargain! ^.^

Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam LR TE Ad

Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam LR Sofa Features

And my Swag Bag item, (did I mention it’s free?) is a totally cool mesh bookcase, that just so happens to match the set!

Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Bookshelf Ad

The doors open on March 29th, so be sure to wear some comfy shoes & get ready to shop! =)

Taxi to the event

PS: They have a landing point set, but that SLURL should give you a red arrow to my store. If not, try clicking it again, while you’re on the sim.

Have fun!



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