Seven SL™ Facts about Me

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So, I saw on Twitter that Strawberry Singh posted a “Seven SL Facts Meme” on her blog and I thought it was a cool idea, so I thought I’d post some facts about me that people might not know too. ^.^ If you want  to join in, head over to her blog & leave a comment with your post at the bottom of her Meme page! She asked for no judging, and I’ll ask the same. ;p

1. I have zero patience for 99% of things, but when it comes to building, I totally have OCD & will spend hours on something without it bothering me.

2. I HATE clutter. My inventory is neatly organized into folders. I clear out notecards as soon as I get them, and empty my trash pretty much as soon as I delete something (which sometimes bites me in the ass).

3. I hate landmarks. I used to save them, but everytime I went to use one, the store had moved so now I just use search for everything.

4. I loathe posing and texturing items, which is ironic considering I own a furniture store.

5. I have to stay busy or I go nuts. I’m not one to just sit & chill somewhere, chatting with friends. Even at parties (on the super-rare occasion that I go to one) I’m organizing my inventory or doing something in PS while I’m dancing.

6. I am intimidated when I talk with other store owners and/or famous SL people. This makes me wonder if people feel the same when they IM me. (although not likely. I am but a peon. ;p)

7. I often use my coin flip app when buying something, to decide what color to buy. I VERY rarely buy fatpacks of anything, cuz I usually wear something once and never see it again, so no use buying multiple colors.

So there you go! Now get busy & post some facts about you! ^.^

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