New Century Kitchen Set

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Cobblestone Home & Garden has just released the “Century” Kitchen set, which all together will take up 162 prims, with a total of 24 pieces. This is a mainly mesh item (about 90%) and you can buy each part separately or as a set for L$ 1435 – which will save you 25 % off the total retail price.

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With the main unit, the countertops and backsplash both change to 11 colors. There are multiple animations, with rezzable and distributed props for 2 users. There is a  working faucet with hot and cold water options – the sink even fills when the water is turned on.

Cobblestone - Century Kitchen Pic 2

The island also has the color change countertops, as well there are multiple animations, with rezzable and distributed props for 2 users.

Cobblestone - Century Kitchen Pic 3

The dishwasher has open and close door, with sound effects. It also has a changeable sign on the door (clean, dirty, or none). The dish-drainer also has a color change pan. The microwave platter turns when the door closes and stops automatically when heating is done. It also gives a cup of hot cocoa, by touch (Click the control panel for a cup).

Cobblestone - Century Kitchen Pic 4

The curtains change to 6 textures (the window is over the sink). There are 2 versions of fridge included – one with notes on the doors, and one without. The doors open and close when touched, and also give food & drink  – click inside the fridge for the menu. This item is “soft linked”, meaning the doors are seperate pieces so please be sure to read instructions before rezzing.

Cobblestone - Century Kitchen Pic 7

There are 2 styles of place settings – one with water bottle, & one without. Click on the mat for a meal menu (BBQ chicken, tuna fillet, steak and fries, breakfast, dessert, or none).

All accessories are separate items, so you can choose what to rez, to save on prims if needed.

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