Get Ready For Valentine’s Day – Part I

Sure, it’s not February yet, but it’s never to early to get into the mood for one of the sweetest days around – Valentine’s! Cobblestone Home & Garden is already in the mood.

Cutesy Valentine Art Ad

Start getting your home or business ready with the Cutesy Valentine Art, which is a 100% mesh item and is priced at L$ 65. It features 4 framed pieces of art with adorable love tree motifs. It is made of 6 prims, but is 1 item so it’s easy to move around. Of course, this item isn’t limited to Valentine’s, it would look great year-round – especially in a child’s room.

Lovey Crates Ad

Next up is the Lovey Crates for only L$ 65! What better way to get your message across for the holiday then to spell it out? These crates come as 1 item, with a weight of 3 prims; and they 100% mesh. They come at a size to be used as decor sitting on the floor, however since it has modify and transfer permissions, you can easily resize it to suit your needs.

Lovey Picnic Basket Ad

Maybe you want to add a little romance to a special date? Well then you’ll want to grab the Lovey Picnic Basket. This is a 17 prim overflowing basket, which features a champagne bottle that gives a glass of champagne when clicked – and it’s only L$ 100! Please note that the permissions on this are set to transfer only.

Valentine Teddy Ad

If you want a cute gift or decor item, you should have a look at the Valentine Teddy for L$ 75. This is a precious bear that changes to 8 colors: gray, red, tan, white, pink, hot pink, red, and brown; and it’s bow is also color change to 6 colors: hot pink, purple, red, pink, black, and white. It clocks in at 16 prims, and has modify and transfer permissions.

Valentine Wreath Ad

If you’re more of a crafty person, you’ll enjoy the Valentine Wreath – which will let everyone know you’re set for the holiday of love by dressing up your door with hearts and roses.  It’s priced at L$ 75, made of 20 prims; and has modify and transfer permissions.

Valentine Yummy Tray Ad

If you’d like to surprise a special someone, we also have the Valentine Yummy Tray! This is a decorative tray on sale for L$ 75, but it allows you change the texture to one of several messages on the love note. It’s made from 21 prims, and has modify and transfer permissions.

If you like any of these items you can stop in and have a look:

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